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The prisoners of War Camps of the Axis in Rennes


Historical Consciousness fosters Solidarity

After the liberation of Rennes, nearly 100,000 german prisoners were incarcerated in the city 's various camps between 1944 and 1948.

To heighten public awareness of these, the PGA group of Continuing Education at the University of Rennes is seeking any testimony and evidence that might pertain to the German prisoner of war camps in Brittany.

If you have any information relevant to this matter, Please contact us at:

Topics of interest:

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  • Why this location?

  • Information to be included in a Memoir about the camps in Rennes

  • Accounts of personal experiences

  • The medical outlook in the camps

  • Death rate in the camps

  • Living and surviving in France

  • The works of  POWs

  • Story of an European drap-fr-20.jpg (5386 octets) drap-ge-20.jpg (5147 octets) drap-uk-25.jpg (5978 octets)n

  • Escapes

  • Liberated prisoners of war who chose to stay.

  • Pertinent news or journal articles

  • Documents and photos

  • Image Gallery

  • Bibliography

  • American prisoner of war camps for the Germans

  • British prisoner of war camps for the Germans

  • French prisoner of war camps for Germans in Germany

  • Belgium prisoner of war camps for German

  • Canadians prisoner of war camps for the Germans

  • The Alsatian civilians and soldiers who were enrolled in the German Army against their will ans who where interned by the Russians

  • Nazi organisation in the camps

  • Clearing mines

  • Role of the Red Cross and its inspections

  • The Morgenthau Plan war claims

  • Other locations

  • Links

  • Newsgroups

  • Ike and the Disappearing Atrocities

The results of the group's preliminary research have been collected in a Memoir which is available from:

UTL du pays de Rennes 3,place du Colombier BP 534 -35006 Rennes

(Tél:02 99 35 04 24 Fax:02 99 35 20 05 20)

e-mail: utl-rn.rennes@wanadoo.fr